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The legal team at Hoffert & Klonis, P.C. is prepared to represent virtually any civil litigation suit you may bring to the table. Our skilled lawyers are licensed to represent you in state and federal court, so we'll take on any sized case you need us to handle. Every single day, each lawyer on our staff is performing a litigation case regarding a variety of issues on a daily basis. Call us today to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Committed to getting results for you

At Hoffert & Klonis, P.C. we've developed a well-deserved reputation throughout the Southeastern, PA region because we take a realistic approach to your case and are focused on providing you with sensible legal representation.

Types of cases you can win

Over the past few decades, the legal staff at Hoffert & Klonis, P.C. has won personal injury, breach of contract, wrongful termination, monetary civil suits, unjust enrichment, fraudulent, and conveyance cases. Don't see your case type on this list? Call our Reading, PA office today and explain your situation to one of our lawyers and we'll start to

build your case.

Cost-effective legal representation for you

Often times when you choose a local legal staff, they'll charge you an arm and a leg to provide you with mediocre judicial representation. At Hoffert & Klonis, P.C. we're focused on providing you efficient legal representation at a reasonable price that you can afford. Reach out to us today and start to build your civil litigation case.


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